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If you want to build your business fast by creating more leads, recruiting more reps and becoming a Top Earner...then you are at the right place!

This is Carolyn Lee and I want to say Welcome and I want to let you know there is a real person here who wants to help you find the way to creating immediate cash income as well as Life Changing Residual Income and Financial Freedom.

Who Is Carolyn Lee?

I help network marketers start their business, how to advertise, learn how to get more leads, recruit more reps and become successful in their endeavor to build a strong internet marketing business online and I am very happy to help you!

How Long Have I Been In This Industry & Why?

My journey started in the 1990's when I had grown tired of working long hours seven days a week. Even though I was making a very comfortable living, I found there was an easier way..... I was introduced to network marketing and internet marketing... and the light bulb went off and my life changed forever... and it has been a remarkable and exciting journey.

This industry has been very good to me and besides earning a great income, I have earned great vacations, earned nice cars and met many wonderful people.

I have been mentoring folks on and off the internet for over 20 years. I truly want to help my members succeed, earn a substantial income and become all they can be..... it is my true passion and I like to teach my members exactly what I do and exactly how to do it... no secrets... for example, teach them the importance of building their list. New team members do not have to reinvent the wheel... just copy my effective marketing system which tells, sells and closes for us. I believe in Multiple Streams of Income; however, most people prefer to start with one business and get it into profit before they add the second business. I am the author of the forth coming book, 7 STEPS TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM

Why Have Your Own Business?

If you continue to wonder... Why Have Your Own Business??? That is a very good question and my answer is... Statistics show that "The Wealthy Top One Percent Of Our Population� Own Their Own Business or Businesses.

I love this quote which I have often read, presume it is correct... Ernest Hemingway apparently got the answer wrong when F. Scott Fitzgerald told him �the rich are different from you and me� and Hemingway responded �Yes, they�ve got more money.� His answer should have been: �They have their own business or multiple businesses.�

Are You Ready To Get On The Right Path To Becoming A Six Figure Income Earner Or A Millionaire?

If you are ready to join a program with a pay plan to take you to six figures and way beyond, then contact me. My phone number is 1-757-497-4253. If I am away from the phone or on the other line, please, leave me a message and I will get back to you asap.

I do not believe in "twisting your arm" - so to speak... I prefer to simply show people the power of the program and the pay plan and they can decide whether or not it is for them.

Have You Struggled With Getting Started Making Money In This Industry?

If you are you just beginning your journey to make money online or have been trying to learn how to make money with online marketing by yourself unsuccessfully, I would be happy to help you. Over the years, I have helped many get started building residual income.

Mastering the necessary specific strategies is difficult to do on your own. You need to make sure you are working with someone who is experienced in this field of creating residual income and will teach you the necessary strategies to be successful.

Why Residual Income?

I believe that residual income is the best way to create financial freedom... an extremely smart way to earn money.

WHY? Because, with residual income, we do the hard work one time and then continue to get paid over and over again.

Yes, I feel very strongly that residual income definitely matters and we should attempt to create more and more of it whenever we can.

There is quite a difference between residual income and linear income. An example of linear income would be a job where you do the same thing over and over for 40 hours and you get paid one time. Of course, if you work another 40 hours, you would get paid again. Where as, with residual income, you could, potentially, work one hour and get paid for the rest of your life.

I have a business that I started back in the 1990's and even though I have done very little work in 10 years or more, I continue to receive passive residual income.

Having created a nice passive residual income is a great way to retire early. For people who need ... maybe just another $500. or $10,000. or more monthly to retire comfortably, perhaps it could be a smart idea to consider starting a residual income business.

Would You Like To Learn How To Earn $3,000 Daily?

I most definitely have a fantastic 14 step plan to $3,000 daily residual income.

Are You Ready To Learn How To Get Started and/or Have Your Questions Answered?

I would enjoy talking with you and answering any questions you might have, so, please, give me a call at (usa)1-757-497-4253.

If you want to learn how to have a totally automated business, please phone me today..... I would like to introduce you to the company that does much of the training for us and has the strategic steps to financial freedom. I think you will love this program. Let's talk soon.

Have a great day

Carolyn Lee
Online & Offline Marketing Coach
1 757 497 4253


My name is Vernon Banks and for over 15 year I have been an internet marketing coach and I am so grateful and very privileged to have met and have gotten to know Carolyn Lee over the past fifteen years or more.

I have worked with some of the best business owners, and investors around the world and it�s not often that I come across a business owner and internet marketer like Carolyn. She is an extraordinary leader and has a very positive attitude and determination to be successful and to be a strong leader in this online marketing world - she is driven, passionate, knowledgeable, helpful, caring and committed to excellence.

I enjoy working with Carolyn and watching her grow personally and professionally - she continues to amaze me with her mindset that has allowed her to be a success working online and allows her to continue to build multiple streams of income - she has a vast knowledge and powerful strategies which allows her to apply such in her teaching of others in her online business.

She is very committed to her own development, as well as others, and it shows in everything she does. She is a great teacher and coach and has built a very impressive training site for her students and team members.

Support from knowledgeable people like Carolyn Lee is rare and many people are most appreciative of her sharing her valuable resources, tips, and advice that reflect her dedication and amazing understanding of how this amazing business operates. Knowing Carolyn Lee gives me a great sense of confidence that allows me to continue to charge forward in this wonderful online industry which thousands of people are turning to for a way to create a lucrative income which they have not found offline.


Carolyn, I want to say I�m very impressed with the quality of your Coaching System. I have never found a person that provides a personal Mentor that will take you by the hand and walk you thru the process that is very duplicable. Then teach you the quality of posture and how to take other people thru the same process. For those that are coachable, willing to work 4 to 8 hours a week, and follow this very duplicable system, there is no doubt in my mind anyone can change their life for ever. Thank you, for providing your one-on-one coaching.



I have to let you know that my confidence in you as my sponsor and coach continues to grow every day. I very much appreciate your one-on-one coaching - it has changed my life. I, also, want to thank you for providing me with marketing tools and a sales funnel which is most effective. When problems arise, you are always there to help correct the situation. It is great to have finally found a sponsor that will truly mentor me and care about my success. Thank you for all you do.


I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you. Your One-on-One Coaching System will help anyone who wants to make a good income online and I have truly benefited from your mentoring. Thank you so very much.


Carolyn, thanks for being such a great friend and partner. You knowledge and willingness to coach so many people is amazing. It has been a pleasure working with you


Hello, Carolyn, I wanted to Brag a little for you! Your Coaching Program is PACKED with Valuable information. I was really surprised how much it has helped me and my Business. I definitely want to stay on your Program! I have been working with you for quite some time now, and you have yet to let me down. Keep up your unique technique! It has been the "Path to Profits" for me! Thanks Abunch,
Larry M
Austin, Texas


I just had to tell you what a wonderful relationship we have had working together. Thank you so very much for all your help. Your Internet Marketing System is the greatest and you are a wonderful mentor. Thanks for the Residual Income and coaching me to Build Multiple Streams of Income


Carolyn, just wanted to say how impressed I continue to be with all the coaching you provide. Thank you so very much for teaching me how to build my list and build multiple streams of income.