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This Company has been in Business Since 1926
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From The Desk Of: Carolyn Lee

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Carolyn Lee here and I want to say Hello and Welcome and I want to let you know there is a real person here to help you find the way to Financial Freedom.

Whether you want to earn $12k or $50k or $140k or more yearly, we can teach you how.

We will provide you with important information regarding how to create a lucrative income and will help you with your decision to get started in our rapidly growing company.

By following the directions on this site you will learn how to get started working with us today.

No experience is necessary, and our training will teach you everything you need to start making money:

  • I will teach you:

  • How a $3 ad can bring you a continuous stream of leads daily...

  • How to brand yourself...TO CREATE & MAINTAIN other streams of f ree leads daily from several sources

  • How to earn $80 commissions... while you are building your optin list

  • How to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)... to create f ree leads

  • How to use what we call a Greased Funnel which creates a stream of leads and prospects which will go into your funnel where followup will be automatic ...

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  • ... and much, much more...

ATTENTION: Web Based Full or Part Time... HOME AGENTS NEEDED!

We are a Fast Growing Company since 1926 with over 7 MILLION Members and
we are recruiting agents in the USA & Canada.


Welcome! This site will give you important information regarding our 100% Internet Based telecommute position
and will help you with your decision to get started in our rapidly growing company.

By following the directions on this site you will be able to start working with us today.

No experience necessary, our training will teach you everything you need and you can be online, working and making money in the next two hours.

This position offers a high payout and you will be paid WEEKLY via direct deposit or check. You can easily earn $80 - $320 or more from each hour of work.

Turn Up Your Speakers And Press "Play" On The Video

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Stop Going It Alone

Take advantage of my opportunity and my ability to help you.

I work online full-time and whether you want to work at home full-time or you are just looking for a little extra money, I can help you.

This program can create a very lucrative income and you will be paid weekly via direct deposit or check.

You can easily earn $80 - $160 or more from each hour of work.

We Offer the highest pay rates in the industry!

Let's get started.

Simple Steps To Getting Started With MCA

With Motor Club of America (MCA/TVC), Earn $80 on Every $19.95 Sale, Plus I Have A Special Offer and Free Advertising for 2 months, if you join within 48 hours.

  • When you are ready to get those $80 checks started to roll into your account.....

    You will need to pay $39.90 (via Credit Card or with Checking Account) which pays for 2 Months in advance - then your $19.95 Monthly Subscription Starts..

    To Signup... scroll to bottom of page where it says: JOIN HERE

  • Program Overview -

    Click here for details about products and commissions.

    Then come back to this page to join - BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE OR SAVE THIS LINK SO YOU CAN RETURN HERE:
    - or check your emails from me.

    Write down my phone # 757 497 4253 - then you can call me if you need help and/or more information.
  • Our Products Include:

    24 Hour - 365 Day Roadside Assistance Service
    F'ree Towing up to 100 Miles
    Battery Boost
    Fuel Delivery
    Tire Change
    Lock-out Service
    $1,000 Credit Card Protection
    $500 Emergency Reimbursement for Medical Costs
    $50,000 Accidental Death Benefit
    And Much, Much More

    Need more information about the products....

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    Click here for more information about products, etc.

  • Commissions and Marketing Plan

    Learn how to earn $29,200.00 to $58,400.00 to $146,000.00+ yearly

    Click here for Commissions & Marketing Plan You will need to scroll about 3/4th way down the page.

    Takes about 40 seconds to load:


    Click here to join MCA / TVC

    To receive your free bonuses, make sure my name (Carolyn Lee) shows at the top of website


    a) Select the top LOGO

    Which beside the logo, it will say:
    MCA Total Security Motor Club!
    100 mile Towing! Legal Benefits!
    $50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Benefit!
    $19.95/month. Get Started!

    b) Click on Get Started This will take you to the shopping cart. It will say $39.90.
    Click On ADD TO CART


    You will become an associate after your first sale!

    c) This is where you enter your user name, password and email address
    that you want to use. Click Register.

    d) Now you are at confirm registration page, it should have your sponsors
    name in the top box. If the information is correct, click yes.

    e) Input your debit or credit card info. Click submit. This will take you to the
    verify account information page, fill out the information page and click next.

    f) You are now at the place to order page. This is where you put in the 3 or 4 digit
    verification code on the back of your card.

    g) Click Place Order and you are done.

    STEP TWO - Order the marketing system here

    Click here to join marketing system

    To receive the free advertising, you need to join at the $19.95 monthly level of the Motor Club of America.

    If you are looking to earn a six or seven figure income, I am an internet marketing coach and I can help you...

    If you are like me, you may have questions. Feel free to call me any time at 7574974253. If I do not answer, please, leave me a message and a phone number where I can return your call - please, let me know best time to call you.

    I look forward to working with you.

    Carolyn Lee
    List Building & Marketing Coach
    carolynblee @
    1 757 497 4253
    8:00 AM ET - 11:00 PM ET
    Click below for International Programs:

    P S

    If you are having trouble joining TVC online, here is another way to join: You can Sign Up By Calling The Company: They have about 200 people there who's job it is to sign people up into the Program

    Their hours are 9:00 am until 9:00 pm EASTERN TIME
    Phone Number To Call To Join: 866-467-2221 EXT. 1
    My User Name = carolynlee
    Carolyn Lee's ID # = 11197977
    Let them know that you want to join the $19.95 MCA Total Security Motor Club!...

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Free Advertising and A Real Opportunity To Earn $50k to $140k Yearly